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Meet Eva
Real Name: Natalie Marie Nelson-Coyle
Ring Name: Eva Marie
Birthday: September 19, 1984
Height: 5’8”
Hometown: Concord, California
Debut: July 01, 2013
Trainers: Sara Del Rey, Natalya, Tyson Kidd

It may have been Eva Marie’s bright crimson locks that first drew the WWE Universe to her attention, but this “newbie” WWE Diva’s viciousness is what people will be talking about when all is said and done.

A former model that traded in the runway for the wrestling ring, Eva Marie’s journey through the ranks of the Divas division was first chronicled on the hit E! reality series, “Total Divas.” There, she navigated personal and professional obstacles in an attempt to become the face of the women’s division in WWE. When she did finally make it to the big time, Eva Marie made an immediate impact, slapping Jerry “The King” Lawler across the face in her first appearance on Raw, and joining alongside The Bella Twins to antagonize their fellow “Total Divas” star, Natalya.

With a wide-open future ahead of her and all the cunning in the world at her disposal, Eva Marie will have the Divas division (and the WWE Universe) seeing red for a long, long time.

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I have added Eva’s magazine scans from the digital issue to the gallery. I also added more photos from her shoot as well. So check them out in the gallery.

Gallery Link:
VIEW: Magazines & Publications > Iron Man Magazine | October 2014
VIEW: Studio Photoshoots > 2014: Session #002 – Iron Man Magazine

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Prowrestling.net – The Rack radio with Eva Marie – Hosted by Lindsey Ward and Sir Rockin

How has being in WWE changed your life: “You know what, honestly, it’s changed my life. I am so grateful for the opportunities; not only being a part of WWE but being a part of ‘Total Divas’. I mean, when I first came in, yes I did do the WWE Divas Search but I originally due to my tryout, I got my developmental deal and I was not supposed to move until July to the Performance Center, which is in Orlando, but this last minute thing came up for ‘Total Divas’ so I went ahead and auditioned for that and got it. As soon as I got it, I moved within 48 hours. “Ever since then, I’ve been on the road. So, not only has it changed my life so drastically and so fast, but it’s also made me grow in so many different ways. The only downside is I am brand new; I am a brand new entertainer/wrestler so I’m learning as I go on the road and on TV. That’s extremely hard especially because I’m a perfectionist so I take everything to heart but on the flip side, it’s the best thing in the world. So, there’s always pros and cons to everything and I wouldn’t change a thing. “I think that’s what is so awesome about ‘Total Divas’, you get a little bit of everything from everyone. The Bellas: They’ve been here I think going on their 9th year, so they’ve been here a while. Then you have some like myself, who is brand new coming in; then you have the Funkadactyls and you get to see what they go through. In Season 3, at the end of the day it is a business and we are entertainers but everybody is just on a different level and you’ll see how each one of us deals with that and I think the audience can’t wait to see the trials and tribulations we go through.”

What is the biggest struggle she’d had to overcome so far: “I think being away from family; I’ve never been on the road or with any job for as long a period of time; 290 days of the year, that’s a lot. So, you’re missing birthdays, you’re missing certain holidays or celebrations or you’re home for a day and then back on the road the next day. So, for me, that’s the biggest adjustment. And then, you’re on different time zones, so you’re trying to contact your family by making phone calls or whatnot; you’re constantly busy and in different time zones, so that’s the biggest transition that I’ve had to make and that’s really hard just because I’ve never done that before. There’s nothing like the WWE; there’s no off-season. It’s not like football, it’s not like baseball where they have an off-season; WWE is year round. So, there is no break for us, at all.”

What was it like to be a part of WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans: “To be even a part of WrestleMania is a huge accomplishment because WrestleMania is the Super Bowl of wrestling. It’s the biggest event of the year, the second biggest is SummerSlam, but to be even a part of (WrestleMania) was insane, considering just one year prior I was just watching from the sidelines going ‘Oh my gosh, this is crazy’. And then, to actually be in a match with the rest of the main roster divas was insane because there is literally nothing like it; you cannot even describe what’s it’s like to walk out there and be surrounded by 80,000+ people all excited about to watch the show go down. So, I was just extremely grateful to even be part of such a big show that night.”

Has the dynamic changed on ‘Total Divas’ with certain people departing and certain members coming in (Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes): “I think in any situation, especially for ‘Total Divas’, it’s good to add new people, like mix it up and stir things up a little bit. But, as far as that, I love the original cast but that’s just me being a little biased.”

What was it like planning her wedding to Jonathan: “You know what, it was an amazing experience and I’m so glad that I did it, but it was so stressful because it was like right up to SummerSlam. So, literally, SummerSlam happened and I got married the next week. So, there was so much going on and planning a wedding is already stressful enough but to be on the road as well, trying to get everything taken care of, is extremely hard. I mean, that’s what you’re also going to see on ‘Total Divas’, is all of us girls not only out on the road but we’re trying to juggle our everyday lives with family, husbands, boyfriends and then, you know, performing in the ring and entertaining. So, you see us trying to juggle everything, especially with the struggle is were on the road about 290 days a year. It’s pretty hard to plan things when you’re doing it via text or via e-mail all the time.”

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TD_302_Photo_04-3442552072.jpg TD_302_Photo_05-3124108702.jpg TD_302_Photo_11-2755717318.jpg TD_302_Photo_25-2281733916.jpg  

We begin, on this week’s “Total Divas,” with the end. The end of Planet Funk, that is, as E!’s reality hit provides some behind-the-curtain insight on what led to the acrimonious collapse of the only living Funkadactyls in captivity. As it turns out, Naomi’s progress in the ring has greatly eclipsed Cameron’s, and it is decreed that the latter will be relegated to more of a valet role than a tag team partner until she is more ring-ready. Both of the Divas seem to realize this is the beginning of the end of their team, though Naomi seems determined to help Cameron ride her coattails to eventual glory. Cameron isn’t exactly on board with this, and negotiates a return to WWE NXT, where she can pick up her abbreviated developmental training until she’s ready to come back on her own. Naomi bristles at the idea of Cameron risking their (still-entwined) careers on a whim, but Cameron remains steadfast, and one blazing argument later, The Funkadactyls are no more.

The Nikki Bella/John Cena saga from last week has a much happier conclusion: After discovering Nikki’s injections for the egg-freezing process, Cena initially worries that Nikki is beginning to pull away from him. Nikki’s subsequent decision to abandon her plan is met with such swift resistance from Brie Bella that it triggers the first (but definitely not last) big Bella fight of the season. Inevitably, Nikki decides to follow through with the procedure and Cena not only supports her, but agrees to nurse her back to health during the required 10-day convalescing period.

On the other side of the Bella coin: Daniel Bryan’s back! Hold the “YES!”-ing, though, because he and Brie are having it out over Brie’s planned (and pricey) modifications to their new house. The lovers’ quarrel is put on ice when Bryan receives news of the neck surgery that will temporarily put him out of action and, he assumes (correctly, as it turns out), strip him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The surgery is a success, though further complications lead to a longer recovery time than was suggested, and Brie resolves to compromise on the house issues and focus on supporting Bryan during his recuperation.

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01.png 01.jpg dec1e.jpg roster1.jpg june002.pngapril001.png

Hey, guys, I’m Teddy and I will help Melanie Jo with Eva-Marie.us. My I have two other wrestling fansites which you can view here and here, and I really like Eva. It will be a pleasure to update for you!

Now, I managed to add a few missing magazine scans from WWE Magazine and more. Be sure to click on the links below to view.

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Magazines & Publications > WWE Magazine > March 2014
Magazines & Publications > WWE Magazine > April 2014
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Magazines & Publications > WWE Magazine > June 2014

TD_301_Photo_09-1488448182.jpg TD_301_Photo_11-1333220293.jpg TD_301_Photo_12-3598582399.jpg TD_301_Photo_20-324874384.jpg TD_301_Photo_21-1683619846.jpg TD_301_Photo_23-2320785706.jpg

Eva Marie kicked off the season in racy fashion, doing an exposing and sexual engagement photo shoot with her recently fiancee Jon. In what seemed like an idiotic move she showed the photos to her family, and they obviously did not approve of them. Eva Marie also received the bad news that her father’s cancer had come back, and her family called her out on being distant from the family the past few years. Jon’s religious beliefs differ from Eva Marie’s family, causing a rift between the two. In order to have the traditional wedding that the family wants Eva and her family ask him to convert to Catholicism , but he feels too strongly about his beliefs, causing tension between him and his fiancee.

This season of “Total Divas’ will captivate viewers’ attention with the issues they face both in and out of the wrestling ring. From marital and family issues to losses on the mat, this season will be sure to pack a punch filled with drama.

The next episode of “Total Divas” premiers Sunday September 14 at 9 p.m.

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VIEW: Total Divas > Season Three (2014) > Episodic Photography > 3.01 – Eggs Over Freezing

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EOnline.com – During season 2 of Total Divas, Eva Marie was faced with a health scare that threatened to prevent her from ever having children with husband Jonathan Coyle. When asked about her current health situation, the bombshell shared some intimate details.

“I constantly go back and get checked up on, plus kids aren’t anything that I’m talking about,” she said. “But eventually I’m gonna have to cross that bridge when I get to it because as of right now, we can’t have any. But I don’t really believe that ’cause anything is possible, but it is definitely scary for me ’cause every month I kind of have to deal with it and we’re so busy that it’s hard to keep up with doctors.”

The WWE Diva has been super focused on her wrestling career and moving her way up to the main roster along with all of the other Divas.

“I’m getting more matches right now and I’m the #1 contender so that’s gonna be awesome,” Eva Marie explained. “In season 3 you’re gonna see my progression because I’m so brand new in the WWE and everything is raw, like my growth in the ring is live on television in front of millions of viewers.”

As for her relationship with former tag team partner Summer Rae?

“I definitely keep things very professional,” Eva Marie pointed out. “But I won’t be tagging with her for a good while.”

Speaking of drama, the redheaded Diva is also cautious about Rosa Mendes, who is joining the ladies of Total Divas for season 3.

“I don’t really know Rosa at all just because I’m so new to the company,” Eva Marie said. “But from everything that I’ve heard, I think that there is going to be a little bit of drama because she’s been in the company for 9 years and all the girls know her. She’s been around for a while and the girls already feel a certain way and they’re definitely not as inviting anymore since she has been in the company as long as they have so there’s no real leniency there.”

Tune-in to the Total Divas season premiere this Sunday at 9/8c on E!

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Go behind the scenes of Eva Marie’s “IRON MAN Magazine” cover shoot where the “Total Divas” star is the focus of the Hardbody feature.

Gallery Link:
VIEW: Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment [WWE] > Eva Marie poses for the cover of IRON MAN Magazine

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Naomi, Summer Rae & Layla vs. Eva Marie, Rosa Mendes & Cameron went to a No Contest
The drama cannot be contained by E! and E! alone. It appears the Divas division can’t even hold their catfights until this Sunday’s “Total Divas” season premiere, as five cast members plus Layla took to the ring. But the match quickly devolved into an all-out melee when Cameron broke up an attempted pin of Rosa Mendes by Layla. The rest of the Divas swarmed the ring after the interference, and a brief brawl ensued before Eva Marie, Rosa and Cameron were sent packing from the ring.

Gallery Link:
VIEW: World Wrestling Entertainment [WWE] > Digitals > Monday Night RAW > 2014 > September 01
VIEW: Screen Captures > World Wrestling Entertainment [WWE] > Monday Night RAW > 2014 > September 01

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Brand new photoshoot has been added. These are outtakes from her upcoming Iron Man cover magazine. She looks incredible in these so lets hope more get released soon. Thanks to Michael Neveux for these. Check them out. I also added a program scan of Eva thanks to Aranya from the new WWE program.

Gallery Link:
VIEW: Studio Photoshoots > 2014: Session #002 – Iron Man Magazine
VIEW: Magazines & Publications > Program Scans > Official 2014 WWE Program

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New promos for season 3 of Total Divas have been released and I have added the HQ ones to the gallery. Dont forget to tune into the new season which premieres September 7th on E!

Gallery Link:
VIEW: Total Divas > Season Three (2014) > Promotional Photos > Cast Shoot

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